Friday, August 04, 2006

sidenotes - a midsummerish reflection

  • So was anyone besides me confused about the new Spoon album, or, rerelease rather? I saw this cover and I was like, that can't be Spoon, what kind of bizarre album art is that? I guess they just took the old art n smashed them together, but really, is that guy supposed to be an ugly Britt Daniel? For a long time I thought it was some other band, until I saw the CD on Merge's site. Really, all bands should maintain some sort of consistent design in their album art. i.e. Franz Ferdinand. They were going to have all their covers be the same as their first, just with a change of color scheme. So it'd be kinda confusing to name them ("the red, brown, green one"), but how modern and stylish would that have been! Their albums could've been lined up on the wall like Pop Art. But nooo, in the end they decided to have different covers instead. They could've had it so much better.

  • In terms of actual music, it seems there're no new hot bands breaking out this summer, no one hot single being crammed down everyone's throats. There's "Crazy", but in my opinion that's no "Hey Ya". I guess Beirut is sort of this year's Sufjan and Lily Allen is sort of this year's hot British import, but no one seems really...big. Maybe I've been reading too many mp3 blogs where bands have a shelf life of about 2 weeks.


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