Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Some people might say the Polyphonic Spree aren't exactly a religious group, but I say that appearances are never deceiving."

I love reading TinyMixTapes news, even if I couldn't care less about band X going on tour. TMT is like the Daily Show of music news. Exhibit A:
Philip Glass Scores Again; I Get Wet; You Have a Dirty Mind

Exhibit B:
An Open Letter To The Common Class From A Captain Of Industry

Dear Lower And Middling Sort,
I have noticed an air of dissatisfaction, a rumbling of disapproval, in the way I'm running my... our business. Now, I know that it seems like I am far removed from your day-to-day jobs on the factory floor. It seems like, "Hey, Old Man Garbo up there doesn't know his girders from his girdles," but I will have you know that every time you send in a small boy to unclog the furnaces and unkink the gears, it's like I'm sending in one of my own children whom I abandoned to the finest boarding schools on the eastern seaboard. I put my gilded leaf-lined pants on one leg at a time, just like you...

Mm I think that's enough to earn the site a bookmarking, no?


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