Friday, May 19, 2006

The (second) best nerd blog

Clive Thompson has the coolest, nerdiest blog ever. His finds are a nice blend of the esoteric, the amusing, and the intriguing. Nerd Cadre salutes thee, sir Thompson! You shall be enshrined in our soon-to-be NC Hall of Fame.


Blogger Genotzarr said...

It is impossible to get to post a comment on Clive's blog.
So next time you go, tell him this about Uncanny Valley. (if you feel like it)
Games are simply striving to get photorealistic quality upon the characters they create because it is only the logical step of video game evolution.
Consoles and PC's are more powerful, and they simply tend to exploit their full potential even more by improving quality of graphics. They cannot yet achieve photorealistic, but they try and improve, they will also reach a point where true realism can be obtained by more accurate facial motion capture, and more complex rigging. (strain point assignation)
As for games with more stylised and cartoon looking characters, they are simply another style and thus cannot be compared.
I honestly don't think that higher
polygon count will be a big turn off for gamers.
Gameplay is more important than graphic depiction.
It is true however, that the human mind will always attempt to find subtle differences in realistic artistic forms by comparing to reality. Especially when analysing a human face (somehting we are all too well familiar with).
The graphics will keep improving and realism will always be a quest.
We are just not there yet, but given time...

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