Tuesday, May 23, 2006

name a: sofia coppola film about tokyo

It's been brought to my attention that my lit theory professor's oddball teaching methods have gained some notoriety in the Italian press. The Corriere della Sera recently wrote an article on our class, and yours truly got a brief mention in the section about our section's "dress-up-in-drag" day:
"E così Irena Wang, studentessa del secondo anno, si è presentata col grembiulone che indossa al bar dove lavora ‘part-time’. "

Of course, I myself haven't a clue what the quote translates to, but here are some expert opinions:

Jeremy (from WHRB): "And so, Irena Wang, a second-year student, presented herself with the big apron that she wears at the bar where she works part time."

Chris (WHRB): "And then there's Irena Wang, a second-year student(ess) who presented with a grumble the 'part-time' industries of the Bar Dove Lavatory."

Kareno (next door): "miss irena wang, a sophomore student, has been
working as a barista in a curious work situation known as "part-time".
we think she should fully embrace the italian heritage and extend her
hours to a more respectable range, say five hours a day. in any case, we
drink five sips of cafe to her health!"

p.s. #1: Yay! I'm done with exams! My short-term goal w/this blog now is to return the K:I post ratio to its rightful state: 4:3

p.s. #2: eye candy


Blogger Genotzarr said...

From what my years living in Italy have taught me, Jeremy's version is the most accurate.
The only word I have a problem with is 'grembiulone'.
As Jeremy said, it migh very well be apron.
So there, you have your translation.

12:24 AM  
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